Reskote T-Guard




Reskote T-Guard protects deck steam lines, steam valve manifolds and windlass steam chests from the destructive and costly effects of corrosion on sea going vessels and has proven to be especially effective against the very severe conditions found on chemical and product carriers. Reskote T-guard withstands higher temperatures for longer periods than any similar product and even proved to be effective on inert gas scrubber inlet elbows and expansion bellows where temperatures do not exceed 225°C. Reskote T-Guard, when applied to cold surfaces, will skin over and be dry to touch within 6 to 8 hours after applying. The body of the coating however, will remain semi-fluid for several months at ambient temperature depending upon the applied film thickness.


Surface Preparation :
Scrape off loose rust and flaking paint, chip off large rust deposits, sweep or blow with compressed air to remove loose rust and dirt particles, wipe oily deposits off with thinner and ensure that surfaces are thoroughly dry.

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