Oil Spill Dispersant WB



Oil Spill Dispersant WB should be sprayed onto the oil slick using spraying equipment connected to booms with spray nozzles supplied by a pump from storage tanks. When using the product the sea surfaces should be agitated using breaker boards, boat propellers, bow wave ect. to help disperse the oil. When dealing with small spills from vessels, use hand spray pump or an eductor and fire hoses or monitor. This will mix the dispersant with seawater, and agitating the sea will help break up the oil slick as well as applying the dispersant. This technique has also proved valuable when dealing with small spills in ports and harbors between ships side, wharfs and pilings, ect. or any area which has difficult access.


Typical Physical Properties
Composition: an aqueous blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants.
Specific Gravity (25C) : 1.0
Flash Point (PMCC) : none
pH (10% solution) : 7.0

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