Descalex Liquid



Cleaning in immersion baths
Fill a plastic or plastic lined bath with a solution of Descalex Liquid in water. (1 part Descalex Liquid to 2 parts water). Descalex Liquid is normally used cold but the solution may be heated to a maximum of 55C for quicker results. Introduce the components to be cleaned into the bath and let them soak for a maximum of 24 hours, depending on the degree of scaling. Remove the components from the bath and rinse them with a powerful water jet.


Light brown liquid containing hydrochloric acid, completely miscible with water. Low foaming. Suitable for use on most common metals, except zinc, aluminum, cast iron,
stainless steel or galvanized materials
Specific gravity (20°C) : 1.15
Flash point pm cc : None
pH (1% solution) : 1.0

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