Alkaline POT



Immersion bath
For slight oil-contaminations Alkaline (POT)can be diluted with water to a 10% solution. Heat the liquid with a heating coil or by means of steam injection to 20-60oC. Place the objects to be cleaned in the bath and allow several hours working time. Afterwards brush the objects while rinsing them with a powerful waterjet. In case of heavily contaminated objects, Alkaline (POT)is applied undiluted in immersion bathes, for example to remove old paint layers to and to clean oil and grease filters, deep fry equipment, baking ovens etc.


Light brown liquid. Very alkaline, contains potassium hydroxide. Suited to use on most metals, but is not to be used on tin, aluminium, zinc silicate coatings.
Specific Gravity (20oC) : 1.04
Flash point (PMCC) : none
pH (1% Solution) : 12.5

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