Air Cooler Cleaner



Immersion bath
Depending on design, the cooler is flooded with AIR COOLER CLEANER immersed in a tank full of product. The product should be heated to approx. 50°C and agitation provided with an air line. After 2 hours, drain off and flush well with water, followed by drying with an air line.


Circulation method
Some designs of cooler can be circulated “in situ”. In this case a pump tank and pipe system is fitted permanently or connections are provided for connecting a temporary circuit. The system should be filled with AIR COOLER CLEANER circulation carried out for 2 – 4 hours at a temperature of upto 50°C.
After cleaning the cooler should be thoroughly flushed with fresh water and dried with an air line.


Note: Both cleaning methods benefit from heat of up to 50°C and cleaning times can be reduced or extended dependant on temperature and degree of fouling.

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