Degreaser 360 Citrus

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Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaner (Spray Bottle)
Without Spray: 330
With Spray: 430
5 Litre Pack: 3150

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  • Developed for the cleaning and degreasing of Food preparation areas.
  • Comes in two ranges; spray and non-spray.
  • Non-Toxic


Ideal for use on baking trays, grill pans, cooker hoods, microwave and kitchen surfaces.


  • Spray the product directly on the greasy area and leave it for a few mins.
  • Wipe the area with a damp cloth or sponge.


Available in 500 ml bottles and 5 ltr cans.

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Technical Data Sheet

Product Description
Degreaser 360 is a concentrated alkaline cleaning liquid containing a high
percentage of surfactants. The product has been developed for the cleaning and
degreasing of various surfaces. It is ideal for use on baking trays, grill pans, cooker
hoods, and kitchen surfaces prone to grease build-ups such as cooktop, stove top,
kitchen counters, cabinets, oven, sink and microwaves.


Use product directly on aected area. Degreaser 360 is suitable for all methods of
application, from brush to low- and high-pressure water cleaning equipment. After
any application of Degreaser 360 and the cleaning process completed, the
cleaned surface must be well rinsed with plenty of fresh water.

Active Ingredient:

Isotridecanolethoxylate (5-15%), Disodium metasilicate (<5%), Imidazolium
compounds (<5%)

Available in 500 ml bottles and 6 liter cans.
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Refer to appropriate MSDS before handling and use.
Note: Test certificates are available on request.

1 review for Degreaser 360 Citrus

  1. Abday Ali Mustafa

    Love the fact it gets rid of all the oil stains that splatter while cooking, huge help in getting rid of the stickiness around my stove!

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