Cera Glow

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Toilet Bowl & Ceramic Cleaner
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With Spray: 490
5 Liter Pack: 3510

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Product Description:
CERA Glow is a sulphamic acid based cleaner for bother toilet bowls and ceramic surfaces. It helps in eliminating stains and odors that build up over time. CERA has a high strength formulation to get rid of the toughest of stains in the shortest of times.

Use neatly all around the bowl and under the rim. Leave CERA Glow to sit for around 3-5 minutes. Then flush the toilet bowl normally; The following whirlpool of water will drain the chemical, leaving the toilet bowl spotless. For general use on ceramics, dilute every 1 part CERA Glow with 10 parts water for general cleaning, for tough stains dilute 1 part CERA Glow with 6 parts water. Dunk your cleaning medium (cloth, brush, sponge, etc) into the diluted mixture, wet and then apply to the ceramic that needs cleaning. For tougher stains a few repeated tries will be required.

Active Ingredient:
Sulphamic Acid & Surfactants.

Available in 500 ml, 10 liters, 25 liters and 200 liters Packaging.

Refer to the appropriate MSDS before handling and use..


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