TARSOLVE is a highly concentrated water-based, alkaline floor & surface cleaning chemical. TARSOLVE is formulated as a heavy-duty industrial floor cleaner, principally for use with industrial scrubbing machines. It is effective for the successful cleaning of both concrete and epoxy floor surface contamination. It is also effective in removing Rubber and Bitumen from concrete and metal surfaces.



TARSOLVE is designed for use with mechanized scrubbing machines, nevertheless, it can be used with traditional manual cleaning methods. The concentrated chemical is required to be diluted with water according to the type of contamination and the method of application. The use of a warm to the hot diluted chemical solution will assist the speed of cleaning and reduce the concentration of the chemical required. For manual usage follow a chemical concentration of 3-5% TARSOLVE to water. For use in machine scrubbing use between 0.5-3% chemical concentration.

Typical Physical Properties:


Clear colourless liquid with a characteristic smell.
Specific Gravity (25°C): /
Flash Point (PMCC): /
pH (20°C): 13.6