Score 250



SCORE 250 is a powerful waterborne degreaser used for cleaning and degreasing highly contaminated, greasy surfaces. It has a strong surface cleaning and penetrative effect. It has a very strong dissolving power for a broad range of contaminants (oil grease, oil derivatives, soot, zine salts, etc.). It is not aggressive on the surface it is being applied to, is odourless and is environmentally friendly (biodegradable & VOC-free). It also has an anti-static effect thanks to the presence of cationic components.



SCORE 250 can be sprayed onto the surface that requires cleaning and the contamination can be rubbed off with a hard brush. It can also be rubbed onto the surface that requires degreasing via a moistened cloth or sponge, which is followed up by a rinse of water that will remove all the contaminants, then let the surface dry or blast it with compressed air to dry.

Typical Physical Properties:


Clear colourless liquid with a characteristic odour.
Specific Gravity (25°C): 1.07
Flash Point (PMCC): None
pH (20°C): 12.00