Rust Remover



Rust Remover is used for removing loose rust from all metal surfaces and can also be used for removing rust stains and brightening stainless steel, aluminium and copper. Please use the product safely to avoid contact with rubber, plastic and other materials which can be affected by acids. The product can be used for cleaning rust stains from marble and concrete surfaces in low concentrations, however, please test in small areas for applicability. Caution: This product will damage polish on flooring surfaces.



Rust Remover can be applied by brush in various levels of dilution depending on the necessity. Always wear gloves before handling product to avoid contact with skin. Smaller objects can however be soaked in a plastic container for effective derusting. Once applied,
leave object for 5-10 minutes and clean thoroughly with water. Process can be repeated until favorable results are achieved. For rust on paintwork, product should be well diluted (1 part product to 5 parts water) and applied by brush or spray. Leave product on for 10-20 minutes before removing with water stream, rubbing with a brush may be necessary.

Typical Physical Properties:


Clear Red-liquid with a characteristic odour.
Specific Gravity: 1.19
Flash Point (PMCC): None
pH (20°C): 1.00