HD Degreaser



H.D. Degreaser is a caustic blend-based highly active, waterborne degreaser for cleaning and degreasing oil contaminated as well as greasy surfaces. It has a very strong emulsifying power for a broad range of contaminants (oil, grease, lubricants, animal fats, etc). It is odourless and works well on concrete as well as ferrous surfaces.



Spray the surface to be degreased with H.D. Degreaser (or its dilution) and rub the contamination loose with a hard brush. OR rub in the surface to be degreased with cloth (or sponge) moistened with H.D. Degreaser (or its dilution). Then rinse the surface with water to remove all contaminations. Let the cleaned surface dry or blast it with dry compressed air.

Typical Physical Properties:


Clear colourless liquid with a characteristic odour.
Specific Gravity (25°C): 1.06
Flash Point (PMCC): None
pH (20°C): 13.00