Fleet Cleaner



This is a low foaming chemical specifically formulated for use as an external vehicle wash design and surface finishing compound which can be used manually or with an automated system. The formulation is effective for treating and removing general atmospheric grime, surface oil and grease deposits plus airborne pollutants.



As the chemical is highly concentrated it is important to test and check the cleaning results and regulate the equipment for proper dosage. Typical dilution when automatically dosed is 1% to 5% of the concentrate with water. Always ensure the equipment brushes are maintained in good condition and free from dirt for optimum performance of the chemical. A thorough wash with pressurized water after the application and cleaning with Fleet Cleaner is important. As a safety precaution always wear gloves when handling the product in its concentrated form.

Typical Physical Properties:


Red-coloured liquid with a characteristic odour.
Specific Gravity: /
Flash Point (PMCC): /
pH (20°C): 13.1